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Crosley Products.  

We get our moniker from Powel Crosley, a pretty radical guy from the 1920s who knew music was for the people and created a radio for everyone. In keeping with his tradition and entrepreneurial spirit, we decided the vinyl experience was also for everyone. Our first turntable was released in 1992, when CDs were still king. Naturally, everyone thought we were nuts. But now, after over 30 years of bringing stylish music to the people, we’re one of the biggest manufacturers and trendsetters of the new-millennium Vinyl Resurgence.

The Crosley C200A Direct Drive Turntable is now available for the Holidays at Vinyl Heaven. $279. Drop shipping available anywhere in the U.S. For more info. call (913) 499-7442


2-speed turntable

S-shaped tonearm with adjustable counterweights

Direct drive motor (the first by Crosley)

Adjustable strobe pitch control

RCA output with a phono switch

Holder for a 45 RPM adapter

Size: 450(W) x 350(D) x 139(H) mm

Weight: 5.4Kgs

Stylus Pressure 3.5g

Anti-skate range 0~4

Comes with a slip mat, lid, 45RPM adapter, and 1 set of RCA cables.

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